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Free Web Tutorials and Learning Tools for Critical Care Practice

Nursecom's earlier web site was often visited for its directory of current web-based tutorials for health professionals, particularly critical care personnel. This is an updated list of free online courses and learning tools for critical care practice.

ECG Tools and Tutorials

SkillStat's ECG Simulator - dynamic, interactive learning tool provides an overview of 26 cardiac rhythms; an ECG game is also included to challenge your skills at ECG interpretation

The ECG Learning Center - The Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Centres in Cyberspace created by Frank G. Yanowitz, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine; an excellent resource on 12 lead ECGs

ECG Library - a collection of 12 lead ECGs that address a variety of acute cardiac conditions

EKG Arrhythmia Review - another site to review ECG dysrhythmias


ACLS Simulator - an interactive ACLS simulator that walks you through case studies; perhaps the only free ACLS simulator online

ACLS STAT - an dynamic, multimedia ACLS self-assessment tool from SkillStat

Acid-Base Tutorial - presented by the Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology; a thorough account of acid-base balance from physiology to acid-base calculation

Acute Respiratory Failure - diagnosis and management as presented by Douglas Hornick MD of the Virtual Hospital

Heart Sounds Tutorial - excellent multimedia tutorial and reference complete with explanations and audible sounds

Emergency Medicine Textbook Online - an electronic version of a good resource

Respiratory Physiology - interactive presentation by Wilmott C. Ball Jr. MD on respiratory physiology; includes quizzes and a respiratory dictionary

Lung Sounds Tutorial - provided by the Virtual Hospital and written by Gunnar Gudmundsson, MD
and Tryggvi¡smundsson, MD of the National University Hospital of Iceland

The RALE Repository of Lung Sounds - a collection of digitized lung sounds produced through auscultation of the lung

Respiratory Physiology Notes - in depth document provided by Cornell University Medical students

Hemodynamic Monitoring Tutorial - provided by the University of Kansas School of Nursing

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