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Links to Nursecom Clients and Free Web Tutorials

Nursecom is bound by a vision that strives to meet the learning needs of each health professional. Our clients share this vision, delivering learning tools and programs of the highest standards. Check out our clients via the links below.

Skillstat Learning Inc. SkillStat Learning Inc. has rights to many of the learning tools developed by Nursecom. Over the past 16 months, the learning tools have been downloaded over 250,000 times by nurses, paramedics, physicians, medics, cath lab technicians, respiratory therapists and students. Check out SkillStat for dynamic, interactive learning tools for health professionals.

Global Medical Services Global Medical Services Ltd. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Allan Holmes, Vancouver, British Columbia-based Global Medical Services (GMS) is a pioneer in the implementation of Cardiac Arrest Management programs in Canada. Over the past 5 years, GMS has diversified its portfolio to include Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) courses, ACLS Experienced Provider course, Managing Cardiac Emergencies course, and a range of consulting services.

Healthpoint Institute Healthpoint Institute Inc. (HPI) offers clinical expertise in the community setting. Lay caregivers, community health workers and nurses specializing in the care of individuals with special needs are the core clients of HPI's courses and consulting services.

Vinge & Associates Bernard C. Vinge & Associates (HCS) Ltd. , has built a solid reputation in providing health and community services that are client and family centered (> 12 years). The company provides a number of services including professional nursing consulting services, community living services, and training services.

VoiceBuddy Communications VoiceBuddy Communications Inc. delivers augmentative communication tools for those who are verbally challenged. The line of VoiceBuddy "Speaking with Pictures" communicators provide picture-based speaking tools that speak using a host of user-chosen voices. Specialized VoiceBuddies are available for various clinical settings (i.e. cardiac care and intensive care) and for translation purposes (i.e. English to Spanish, French and German). Check out a demo version of the Voicebuddy.

Web Tutorials Nursecom's earlier website was often visited for its directory of current web-based tutorials for health professionals, particularly critical care personnel. This is an updated list of free online courses and learning tools for critical care personnel.

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