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SkillStat Learning Inc. has distribution rights to the following learning tools. Please direct any inquiries to SkillStat Learning Inc.

New! E-Books are now available through both Nursecom and SkillStat. The Six Second ECG is a 200+ page workbook on basic ECG interpretation. Managing Cardiac Emergencies addresses much of what is covered in an ACLS course, from a no-nonsense perspective based on 15 years teaching this course. Sample chapters from each of these books are available. The format and style embodies Nursecom's vision for learning experiences.

ACLS Self-Testing and Assessment Tool (STAT) - a dynamic and interactive ACLS testing tool. The ACLS STAT provides 6 randomly generated test options that cover the ACLS basics, the ACLS algorithms, pharmacology and cardiac rhythms. Check it out! Fast, fun and free.

The Six Second ECG Simulator (100k). Challenge yourself to a game! Over 100,000 people have downloaded the simulator in the past 16 months! Fast, fun and free.

HeartScape's Heart Structures (282k) Check out the FREE interactive learning guide to cardiac anatomy. Now with a quiz and more!! Fast, fun and free.

Cardiac Dictionary (147k) A simple & quick tool to look up cardiac terms. Also free.

Cardiac Trivia Challenge (170k) Try out this fun & engaging trivia game. Each try is new (3 levels). Make sure your speakers are on!! Free.

5 level Cardiac Trivia Game (200k). The 3 level game with 2 more challenging levels. Free.


Nursecom's is dedicated to creating rich learning experiences that fit the learner's needs. A rich learning experience:

  • is effective (performance is improved)
  • is efficient (occurs over the shortest period possible, focusing only on the 'need to know')
  • is engaging (immerses the learner in a experience that captures the learner's attention)

Our courses and learning tools are fashioned to facilitate a rich learning experience. Our learning tools are capsules of well-defined skills or information presented in a dynamic, interactive format. The learning tools are underpinned by Bandura's learning theory, Roger's Diffusion theory, Csikszentmihalyi's Flow theory and the concept of internet time - immediacy and convenience are now the norm. A white paper is available below on the development of the ECG Simulator, Nursecom's most utilized learning tool.

A Framework for the Development of an ECG Simulator (579k)   

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