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The Six Second ECG Instructor Kit

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Over the past 12 years, thousands of nurses, physicians, medical students, medics and paramedics have gained crucial ECG interpretation skills with the Six Second ECG Guidebook and The Six Second ECG Workshop (SSECG). Capitalizing on proven educational strategies, the SSECG is unique in its ground-up approach, with emphasis placed on:

1. the ability to rapidly identify dynamic and static ECGs
2. an understanding of the physiologic causes and outcomes of dysrhythmias
3. the ability to recognize and to respond appropriately to serious dysrhythmias

Workshop participants consistently report that ECGs "finally make sense."

Now the instructional technologies behind this successful workshop are available to clinical educators. A complete collection of materials used for this workshop (The Six Second ECG: A Practical Guidebook to Basic ECG Interpretation, documents, workbooks, handouts, presentations, color overheads, and software) is combined with a comprehensive facilitator guide to form the Six Second ECG Instructor Kit (I-Kit).

Representing several years of development, the SSECG has continually evolved from the invaluable input from hundreds of workshop participants. The I-Kit includes every asset used for this workshop, all available both in print and in digital formats. The SSECG Instructor Kit includes the following materials:

Six Second ECG soft cover books (12)

ECG Simulator Software on 3.5“ floppy diskette

Color transparencies (96)

ECG Simulator disk labels
Facilitator Guide (130 pages)

Instructor CDROM

Workshop Synopsis and Objectives

      *All workshop documents

Instructor Kit Overview

      *SkillStat Learning Tools

Six Second ECG Guidebook evaluation form

      *ECG Simulator and Quiz software

Cardiac electrophysiology pre-reading booklet

      *PowerPoint presentation (also Flash, Acrobat)

Workshop Roster form

      *Links to online ECG resources

Introductory Registration letter

Quiz booklet

Workshop Outlines for 4, 8, 12 hr time frames Quiz answer form
Quick Steps for rapid ECG interpretation Quiz answer transparency
The Basics booklet ECG Quiz Builder Software
ECG Practice booklet Workshop Evaluation form
Name labels Sample completion certificate

The scope and quality of the workshop materials makes the I-Kit a valuable addition for clinical educators.

Instead of spending time, money and much effort on building an ECG course, save significant development expense with the I-Kit while benefiting immediately from a dynamic ECG program that really works. The countless revisions in workshop content, tools, layout and evaluation make the I-Kit a worthy investment.

Because the SSECG Workshop is designed to be delivered in a compressed format, save as well on human resource costs. The workshop has been offered as a 24 hour workshop but typically is delivered in only 8 hours regardless of the entry level of the participants. Some instructors report that the clarity of the Six Second ECG Guidebook together with the advantages of the ECG Simulator allow for successful workshops with a 4 hour format.

Even a conservative development time of 8 hours for every workshop hour results in a cost far greater than the price of one I-Kit. Why make an expensive start from scratch when an affordable solution is now available?


The Six Second ECG Instructor Kit is available in four pricing packages:

Package Package Description Price
Complete SSECG I-Kit Binder & Books

All documents and transparencies in a heavy duty binder, CDROM, ECG Simulator diskette and 12 Six Second ECG soft cover books

SSECG I-Kit Binder
All documents and transparencies in a heavy duty binder, CDROM, ECG Simulator diskette and 1 Six Second ECG soft cover book $799
CDROM contains all materials in digital form (Windows platform only) and 1 Six Second ECG soft cover book $445
SSECG I-Kit Download
Installable executable file of all materials in digital form $415

Prices are in US currency. Use commonly accepted credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and eChecks via a secure link at SkillStat Learning Inc. to make an online purchase. Purchase orders are accepted from public institutions and corporations via mail (address below) or fax (1-604-988-5896). Listed prices do not include applicable taxes or shipping costs. Discounts on bulk orders are available.


We stand beside this I-Kit with our guarantee - your satisfaction or return the I-Kit within 30 days for a full refund.


The Six Second ECG Instructor Kit is ©Copyright 2005 Nursecom Educational Technologies.

Permission to use, duplicate or revise the student handouts and administration forms is granted only to the original purchaser of a Six Second ECG Instructor Kit for the express purpose of facilitating a workshop in ECG interpretation. The right to duplicate the overhead transparencies, pages of the Six Second ECG Book, the contents of the CDROM or the course overview materials will be considered only upon written request to Nursecom Educational Technologies.

SSECG Workshop   SSECG Guidebook   Instructors   Guarantee   Copyright   Pricing   Buy the I-Kit 

©2005 Nursecom Educational Technologies

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