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Nursecom's Consulting Services

The knowledge and skills necessary to develop effective instructional programs involve a number of sub-specialties that are also valuable. Many of our clients have contracted Nursecom to utilize this expertise in a consulting capacity. Nursecom's consulting services can be categorized into four main areas:

  • clinical consulting
  • program evaluation
  • technology acquisition and deployment planning
  • instructional design

Consulting contracts have been both short and long term. For example, Nursecom has been hired to attend single meetings with clients. Contracts have also been fulfilled over many months (i.e. book writing, software development and larger program evaluations). If you are interested in the expertise that Nursecom can offer, please contact Tracy Barill, BSN, MEd.

Clinical Consulting

Nursecom consults to government, private and charitable groups on clinical issues. Nursecom has in-house subject-matter-experts for a diverse range of settings and populations i.e. community care, care of people with multiple disabilities, critical care, aeromedical transport, outpost health units, care of seniors with dementia, and infection control. With experience across this wide spectrum, solutions to clinical challenges and questions are often within reach.

Current clinical consulting contracts range from health research consultant to health care team liaison to clinical advisory roles for corporate and private clients. Much of the clinical consulting is done through Bernard C. Vinge and Associates and Healthpoint Institute Inc. Nursecom has incorporated user-friendly technologies (i.e. apnea monitoring, Holter monitoring, telehealth initiatives, pulse oximeter monitoring, at-home blood analysis, automatic external defibrillator) into several health microsystems (i.e. workplaces, homes) with success.   back to the top

Program Evaluation

Nursecom is an ardent advocate for the crucial role of evaluation. Evaluation is integral to each of Nursecom's learning tools, both in their development and in their design. In a world now moving and changing on Internet time, the process of evaluation may appear to be only icing on the cake, not a vital part of any initiative. Successful organizations, though, seem to consistently include evaluation within every step of development.

Nursecom has engaged in several program evaluations, generally specializing in learner analysis, task analysis, needs assessment, systems analysis and the evaluation of programs already in place. The field of program evaluation has been criticized for irrelevant recommendations and vague conclusions. Nursecom uses a utilization-focused evaluation model (Michael Quinn Patton). This comprehensive, flexible and rigorous approach effectively focuses on the intended use of the evaluation, yielding useful, grounded results.

Nursecom's utilization-focused approach to evaluation optimizes the depth and credibility of the evaluation's results. Our sustained commitment to help our clientele utilize the results of the evaluation is inherent in our evaluation framework.  back to the top

Technology Acquisition and Deployment Planning

Nursecom is a technology-based company. We have embraced the use of technology when its use was advantageous in terms of cost, effectiveness, and efficiency. We do not adopt technology without evaluating its pros and cons.

Over the years we have helped various organizations make educated decisions on technology acquisition and have been involved in subsequent technological deployment planning. Several factors require consideration when making advanced technology purchases (i.e. software, monitoring systems, telemetry, hardware, etc.). Many technology-based markets have matured, with a wide selection of similar products available. Pricing does not always correlate only ease of use or functionality.

Technology implies change on the part of the user. Pricing a product, for example, should also take into account such factors as ease of adoption, compatibility with existing technologies, product support, technological trends in similar markets, and whether the product can satisfy the organization's needs. Much of the time those making decisions on technology-based purchases are not fully aware the ramifications of such decisions. Often a technology consultant such as Nursecom can help you make informed purchases and avoid hidden costs.

Nursecom also provides web hosting services at affordable pricing to many of our clients. Many organizations do not have in-house information technology (IT) specialists and our simple web hosting plans allow for a convenient route to a web presence. Our web wizards enable web novices to quickly post a build a web site.

Nursecom can also design and develop a web site to fit the image and message of an organization. Web hosting services include the search and reservation of your own web domain to serve as your Internet address i.e. www.yourCompany.com -.ca, .org.  back to the top

Instructional Design and Development

Nursecom's mainstay is the education and training of health professionals. We have designed and developed several learning programs and tools for several clients (i.e. SkillStat Learning Inc.). Nursecom specializes as well in online training programs, utilizing technologies such as Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Macromedia Dreamweaver and a host of other web-based technologies. We welcome any inquiries for the development of classroom courses, online programs or hybrids (mix of classroom and online components) for health professionals.

Nursecom is dedicated to creating rich learning experiences that fit the needs of our clients and their learner groups. A rich learning experience:

  • is effective (performance is improved)
  • is efficient (occurs over the shortest period possible, focusing only on the 'need to know')
  • is engaging (immerses the learner in a experience that captures the learner's attention)

Our courses and learning tools are fashioned to facilitate a rich learning experience. Our courses and workshops are designed with emphasis on Bandura's learning theory, Roger's Diffusion theory, Csikszentmihalyi's Flow theory and several other influences (i.e. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences). Team up with Nursecom to build a rich and effective learning experience for your learners.

Nursecom also develops print, CD-ROM and e-Book support materials for courses and workshops. Sample chapters from our book list.   back to the top

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