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About Nursecom

Nursecom is passionate about learning. Bound by a dynamic vision for online learning, Nursecom combines in-house expertise in instructional design, critical care clinical skills and advanced web technologies to bring highly effective learning tools and programs to health professionals.

Nursecom's learning tools and programs arise from a desire to meet the unique learning needs of health professionals. The scarcity of time available to health professionals is factored into every product. Online programs are designed to be completed in as little as 2 minutes. Instructor-led programs condense material into a no-nonsense, practical and engaging format. Focused learning is our mantra - learning that is fast, fun and effective. The ECG Simulator game, for example, uses web technologies to realize this goal.

While our focus is on design and development, program deployment is the specialty of our clients. Several successful strategic alliances have been formed with both the private and public sectors over the past 6 years.

Nursecom was founded by Tracy Paul Barill BSN, MEd in 1996 as a vehicle to provide novel learning programs to health professionals. Nursecom has evolved to include consulting services in addition to instructional design and development. Nursecom has also published books in print and electronic format. Over the next year, the completion of several commercial learning applications is expected.

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