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New! The Six Second ECG: A Practical Guidebook to Basic ECG Interpretation

The Six Second ECG Guidebook is a practical resource for rapid ECG interpretation. Written by Tracy Paul Barill BSN, MEd, a critical care practitioner and educator, the guidebook reflects learning strategies and techniques that have been honed over the past 10 years teaching the The Six Second ECG classroom course.

As a seasoned instructor of advanced cardiac life support courses, Mr. Barill has written this guidebook leaning toward the clinical application of ECG findings. Read an ECG from a physiological perspective and harness the full power of the electrocardiogram.

As such, the Six Second ECG Guidebook is more than a book on the basics of ECG interpretation, it is also a journey into the inner workings of the heart. For many who read the guidebook or take this course, the ECG is seen as if for the first time. As a result, virtually any ECG can be interpreted.

Read the Introduction: Introduction  (156kB)

Sample a chapter: An ECG Primer  (820kB)

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For most participants in The Six Second ECG classroom course, the mystery of dysrhythmias is replaced with a confident competency to identify most any rhythm. By the conclusion of the one day course, participants are consistently able to interpret ECG's in six seconds or less. Most leave the course marveling at how simple reading ECG's can be. Those who have read the Six Second ECG Guidebook offer similar feedback.

The guidebook is formatted to ensure that the content is easily accessible. The book includes an ECG encyclopedia of ECG rhythms, a cardiac glossary, an index and quick contents for ready navigation. Tips, important points, and warnings are highlighted throughout the book. Over 100 illustrations are included for the visual learner. Health professionals have praised The Six Second ECG Guidebook for its clarity, its simple effective 4 step method and its ability to help health care professionals quickly make sense of the ECG. 

Available Now at SkillStat Learning Inc. (Print, CD-ROM, and eBook)

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Print Book Includes access to the eBook download. Postage via ground included. $40.00 US
CD-ROM Full book in eBook format; includes a dynamic ECG Simulator; operate from CD-ROM or install; Windows 95 operating system or later only; access to the eBook (via download) $24.00 US
eBook Download full book in eBook format; includes an ECG Simulator; Windows 95 operating system or later only $14.00 US

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